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Critical problem resolution requires identifying assertive actions to quickly reassemble teams and implement long lasting solutions.
Enterprise Portfolio Management

When The Dream Seems Unattainable: What Do You Do?

Successful product development demands prevention. However, challenged employees do away with plans and fall into survival behavior undermining expectations. For over 30 years issues deemed "impossible to solve" in never-before-seen products have been at the core of my work. The effect created rapidly redirected chaos into corrective actions. The value-added entailed teaching how to do it sustainably and on time.

What good is it...If it doesn't last?

Enterprise Portfolio Management

I can see patterns everywhere.

Hiring a helping hand can mean less expenditure, faster recovery, and a happier job environment. Consultants aim entire teams into targeted actions. Contractors are preferable for routine tasks. Only a few of your employees will see the big picture. Only a few who can see the big picture can see it all...

Before it is too late

Consultants redefine the problem at hand, bring clarity, and redirect efforts precisely in order to enact permanent changes. Our honest advice is affordable and focused. We won't sell you a proprietary model...we engage into your work-life, help you remove what does not work and instill what does.
  1. Guide To Services.

    Enterprise Portfolio Management Office | Initially one or more of these aspects of our service will touch your program. In course all will be experienced by the team. When all of them are engaged sustainable problem resolution is achieved. Our effort is to move into each area organically, not create disruption but fuse into your job environment and contextually guide efforts.


    Delay problems Hopeless? If your program is experiencing long-standing issues consider that employing the same resources to solve day-to-day crises as well as critical issues will likely cost the life of your program.

    Hopeful? If your current situation needs fine tuning or can benefit from a different problem resolution system; we can quickly redirect efforts that save monies making sure you have a scalable problem readiness plan.

    Planning? For those in concept and planning stages, leading your team from a preventative framework rather than reactive could assure the team's buy-in with a well-guided problem resolution process from the start.

    In General -> We are here to help you achieve your goals. We will listen to you and provide you with ideas that can develop directional steps or we can guide you all the way into the launch of your project or product. We can work in an international setting and function in various languages with a keen sense of cultural diversity. We believe cultures are knowledgeable and that different ways to perform the same taks can actually help the entire team in growing better practices and achieving high morale. I look forward to working with you.

    Some Typical Problems, TIPS, The Impossible Problem Solver DSSFEE , pronounced Desfee,


    DSSFEE, pronounced Desfee

    Direction: Dissect and analyze the problems. Detect vital practices that will propel out of failure patterns.

    Stability: Determine ingenious actions & integrate them into strategic business goals. Devise a time table and obtain buy-in.

    $avings: Identify and provide key resolution ideas, disciplines that turn into welcomed savings. Negotiate new contracts or redirect efforts.

    Focus: Rebalance problem solving process' uncertainties to regain program focus and swift resolutions.

    Excellence: Drive reliability & empowerment through quality principles enabling a joyful worksite and organic innovation.

    Exclusivity: A unique problem solving pattern that instills employee trust & action with stakeholder buy-in.


    Your project may need just one of these areas or more than one. What is sure is that the project itself will dictate its needs. (Transparency is key, at any time, I reserve the right to step out if information is witheld or mishandled or cooperation is not effective.)

    Consumer Business Products

    If you care...

    "I want to meet the person who moved us forward from this stalemate."

    Head of OTC Pharmaceutical

    "the patent was not feasible until you stepped-in..."

    Patent Attorney

    "Proving reliability was unclear until your introduction of 6-sigma..."OEM Supplier

  2. New Product Development

    Initiation Take Action Strategic Delegation Tactical Activities
Enterprise Portfolio Management

Establish Online Presence


Reduce Cost while integrating existing logistics


Call Center Must Remain Unaltered but Integral


New Business Model reduces labor costs, incorporate new manufacturing line, new order fullfillment process including website, RFI integration, New IT architecture. All is seamless to customers.

Intervention: 2 years

The solutions are within your team.


Overcoming Obstacles to Business Goals


Remove FDA Hold :: Two previous consulting teams couldn't budge teams to workout root cause resolutions. Teams were uncooperative. Management was business as usual.


Teams Overworked, Mistrusting Attitudes, Many Requirements, No Helping hands


Hands On Approach

  • New Board Established
  • 5 Days Turn Around
  • Capas Rate of Reduction 5-10/week
Intervention: 2 months


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